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Whale Watching

The Whale Coast Route starts in Gordon’s Bay and ends in Gansbaai. Pringle Bay is part of this scenic route. Southern Right whales visit our shores each year from June to November to calf and mate, before departing again for their feeding grounds in the lower reaches of the Antarctic.

King Protea, Pringle Bay

Harold Porter Botanical Gardens

Offering over 60 species of birds, forested gorges, waterfall’s and a mind boggling number of plant species, the gardens are a joy to young and old alike. Look out for small mammals; there are leopards roaming in these mountains. This Garden is one of eight National Botanical Gardens within the National Botanical Institute, an autonomous, Parastatal institution, in terms of the Forestry Act No.122 of 1984. The primary function of…

Wild horses

Search for the elusive and mystical wild horses that roam free in the wetlands, or espy them cantering across the dunes near Kleinmond’s lagoon. There are many different stories regarding the origin of these wild horses. But whether truth or myth, these horses now roam free in the wetlands between Kleinmond and the Botriver lagoon. Mostly found near the Rooisands Nature Reserve, they remain illusive and mystical. To catch sight…


Penguins at Stony Point

Stony Point, the home of the African penguin. Ocean, mountains and birds sporting “black tie & tails” ensure great photographic opportunities. This bird colony is one of the most beautiful and interesting seascapes along the African coast, and is the only area where mountains are found in such close proximity to the sea. Several sea birds breed in this colony, almost all of which are in decline. Up until 1982,…

Bird watching

It is a bird lover’s paradise – along seashores, coastlands, mountains and in wetlands. The Hangklip area is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve. There are many beautiful quiet places here, where a variety of birdlife is to be found, be it in Pringle Bay village, the core area of the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve or the Harold Porter Botanical gardens. This area is home to…

Walking & Hiking

Every form of conceivable hiking and walking trail can be found along the Hangklip coastline; mountain, beach, river, forest and rocky shore. For amblers there are a variety of easier walks which though shorter are still spectacular. For beach lovers, seemingly endless walks along the pristine beaches. Numerous hiking trails are available in the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve, varying up to 22km in length. To keep the core area pristine, hiking…

Moonstruck on Pringle Bay Guesthouse is a contemporary beach house retreat in the Overberg on the Cape Whale Coast Route. Offering luxury accommodation with panoramic ocean and mountain vistas, the guesthouse is an “idyllic coastal getaway” a few minutes stroll from the beach. Operating on a bed and breakfast (B&B) basis with good restaurants within easy strolling distance.


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